Portland Indie Game Squad

Summer Slow Jams June 2016: Cooperative Multiplayer

Throw your friends up a mountain!
Haunted woods are not a place to go alone.
Prove you're not just a piece a meat. Save yourself and save your friends!
Cooperative cyberpunk game of cat and mouse!
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Time-traveling co-op platformer, single level demo
One guy carries, the other guy shoots.
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Grab a buddy and try your best at extorting the local shop!

Summer Slow Jams July 2016: Narrative or Comic-Inspired

Fast paced competitive comic building card game
listen to the musings of A bear through A telephone
PIGSquad Summer Slow Jam #2 entry- "Start at the end"
A sci fi family drama visual novel in which a brilliant computer scientist builds an artificial intelligence
Elle is the story of a woman who gave her herself up to make those around her happy
Pass judgement on the souls of the dead
TOLL - A 2D Narrative Platformer

Summer Slow Jams August 2016: ALT.CTRL or Tabletop

joyride through HandLand -- wage war on eyeballs -- take some Tylenol
Mimic your friend's drinks as best you can.
Little cubepig paradise to be controlled by a twitch chat
Tarotno is a divination card game for up to four players.
pigsquad summer slow jam #3
A HoloLens game of Apartment Management
Survive Poseidon's wrath
Rawr your way to victory!
A tabletop RPG that follows 3 children during wartime.
A Card-Based Tabletop RPG for 1-4 Players
Unlock the secrets of the arcane to escape THE DARK LIBRARY
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